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ORIGINAL: Silversurfer

Send all the thanks to Bill Oberdieck at Taurus. He's the one that designed and produces the engine. Without him and his talents we would all have to run an inferior engine. Thak you just the same though.
I've been enjoying my new Taurus over the last month or so. It just gets stronger every time out. Easily turns a Xoar, Bolly or Bunny type 22-8 at 7500 plus. I'm currently using a Bisson side mount muffler because the wrap around type won't fit the current airframe. This engine didn't start out real strong but after about 2 weekends of flying, it just sort of shifted into overdrive and picked up several hundred RPMs! I'm going to try a Xoar 23-8 the next time out. Anyway, I'm certainly a happy Taurus customer. Especially since my DA-50 is in the shop with a rattle and squeak problem and thats all I have to say about that!

Roger S.