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I am not sure what RPM I am getting on my TS-52 but it is swinging the XOAR 23x8 very well, it will hang on the prop at around 1/3 throttle and wot sounds really good.

The 22x8 I was using turned in the high 7’s and was ripping the prop tips at wot so that is when I switched to the 23x8 and the engine came to life.

From my experience, I have found that the more efficient the prop is the less it will slip, especially when running it on the ground, but it will perform very well, usually much better than the props turning higher RPM’s on the ground.

I used to monitor RPM’s to the "T", but I have found it is better to watch how the airplane flies and performs as opposed to focusing on the "ground" RPM’s of the engine.

It all depends on the airframe and desired performance, you could put a paint stick on the front of the airplane and get 10K RPM.I have a SIG Kougar with an old Italian made ST75 on it, I run an 11x12 prop on it and turns around 9600 RPM on the ground but once in the air, with the small airplane, sleek design, it unloads and has been clocked at over 130+mph.