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Default RE: Engine for Midwest Super Stinker

haha.the answer to your question was right in the ad i saw above this post:

BCMA-SPE40 - 40cc Engine

The BCMA-SPE40 2.4 cubic inch engine brings gasoline power in a small light weight package that can amazingly enough fit many 1.20 sized sport 3D planes. This engine's dimensions are especially well suited for sport performance models like fitting any of the popular brands of 140-1.60 size Cap 232, Extra 300, or Edge 540 stunt/3D aircraft. The design goal of this engine was to be an ideal replacement for thirsty 1.60-2.10 size glow engines for aerobatic planes and 1.60 size engine applications so you can enjoy the benefits of no mess, no hassle gasoline power in your giant scale model.

(Note: Velocity stack as shown is not included.)

The BCMA-SPE40 features:

Cast aluminum purpose built crankcase with low internal volume for increased power.

High quality, light weight dual ring domed piston for superior compression and a chrome plated cylinder for long life.

A large bore 13.5mm venturi Zama carburetor with a custom machined aluminum throttle output arm that is set-up for straight-line easy ball-link control rod installation.

Light weight Pitts style muffler that fits inside most cowl arrangements. Muffler is internally braced for high strength and durability.

(auto timing advance) BCMA-eXL CDI electronic ignition for easy hand starting and super smooth idle and transition.

The BCMA-SPE40 uses 4 included 1-3/4" machined aluminum stand-offs for a radial type mount with a small footprint making it easy to install in many different model aircraft's cowlings without serious modification.

This engine is also very small for its size just like its smaller sibling. It occupies the same mounting space and size of a Zenoah G26 while weighing 8 ounces less! The BCMA-SPE40 is 9 ounces lighter than the closest competitor, Fuji Imvac BT-43, and easily matches it for power. The FPE 2.4 is the closest match to the BCMA-SPE40 for weight, size, and power but it costs over $200.00 more!

Add it all up. High quality, easy operation, economical operation, small size, light weight, and best of all Low price!