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Default RE: (Something Fast?) Delta Build Thread

The airplane and engine are new and the best combination for max speed will take awhile to find. There are other things to test like trying to fold the wings which we have tried to do but couldn't Two carbon fiber spars probably wont let that happen. There were two dead sticks with one landing downwind into high weeds the first day with out damage. The one bad landing in the long video flipped the plane over and hit the rear of the elevon. There was no damage to the plane but it actually stripped two teeth off the servo gear. So far not even a hole in the covering. I now have the CG figured out and the engine is running great so flights have been uneventful. Testing both ends of the envelope have found no bad flight characteristics.

My prediction and hopes for speed
TT 46 with 8.75 x 8 is 120+ mph actual
TT 46 with 8.5 x 9 is 136 mph estimated
TT 46 with 8.25 x 10 is 151 mph estimated
TT 46 with 8.25 x 10 w/Jettstream is 165 mph estimated
Jett 60LX fire with 8.5 x 10 is 190+ estimated
OS 90 DF....Just kidding