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Default O-u-c-h.......

So I was going out to fly my oversized ufo and well lets just say things didn’t go as planed for the evening. I throttled up the plane and didn’t have anywhere to hold so I placed my hand under the motor mount and let it go right?????WRONG!!!!!!!! I let the plane go and my hand went out faster than the plane leading to my fingers going into the prop!!! While it was only going at half throttle after it hit and sliced my finger to pieces blood was everywhere. I went up to my house washed off my finger as best as I could then I got my parents and we went off to the hospital. As I was walking out the door the whole situation was too much for my body to handle and I lost my sight, got light headed, and a little bit nauseous. Although I was conscious through the whole thing and my mind was calm. My body couldn’t handle it.

I got my vision and my bearings back after I was laid back in the seat of my car. When we arrived at the hospital they got me in right away. They took some x-rays to make sure it didn’t hit the bone. Then came the numbing shots before they did the stitches three shots near the joint of your finger and your hand doesn’t feel so good. After that my finger was completely numb. I made the doctor laugh because I was poking my injured finger in amazement because I couldn’t feel it. After I got the stitches I was discharged from the hospital at 10:30 PM.

So my advice here is to never ever ever!!! put your finger near the prop make it the last thing you do when you finish your plane and so on and so forth. Make sure to pay attention to all of these posts because if you don’t like I didn’t you will be paying for it like me.

I am still flying, but I have added an area to plane to grab for launching to keep my fingers AWAY from the prop.

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