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Default RE: Stronger drive shafts for RS4 3?


I'm suprised you aren't chewing up the 45 tooth pinion gear because you have a mismatch.

18 + 45 = 63

23 + 41 = 64

When doing gearing, you want the sum of the first set to match the sum of the second set. This ensures the same amount of gear mesh in both sets.

You could use a 39T pinion for second and pick your first gear pinion and spurs based on what you have and/or want.

Give some thought towards a 41T 1st and 39T second with highest spurs you could get (so 23 and 21) if you have a lot of wheel spin off the line

My personal setup is the 43T/39T pinions with the stock red spurs (19 and 23). I have a 18ss with RD logics turbo II pipe and with this gearing I reduced my wheel spin (from the stock gearing)

Good luck and nice build.

[link=http://www2.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin/wti0001p?&I=LXM617&P=7]39T Pinion[/link]