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Default RE: (Something Fast?) Delta Build Thread

You need a gunner from a b17 to keep up with that thing with a camera.

A delta does not land much like a 3d airplane and does take a bit of practice getting the hang of. I had a prop driven delta dart model that when you had to dead stick, was a real beast to land. The final landing attempt resulted in a ten foot long trail of balsa and silk to the engines final resting spot. I'll have to build another one of those some day with something bigger than a .20 for power.
Sounds like the engine temp is just about right if you can touch it at all after flight.
I wonder if you went with a tunned pipe for an exhaust if you pick up a few more rpm's and reduce the drag over the standard muffler. One of the members of our club had a .56 tunned pipe in a control line stunt plane that cranked and was fairly quiet to boot, you heard the prop sing right out nice on it, he is at the nats this week wonder how he is doing...
I can see from the video why you have gotten a lot of request for kits, flies like it is on rails from what I saw.