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Default Is "Wood Glue" dead?

I'm re-entering the hobby after a nearly 30 year absence and quite a few things have changed, especially when it comes to adhesives. The new CA super glues seem to have taken over the hobby and I'm wondering if good 'ol "wood glue" is used at all any more? Maybe I'm still stuck in the 1970s 'cause I'm hesitant to switch from my Titebond to CA. Sure, CA sets up instantly whereas Titebond takes its time but does CA have the longevity of Titebond? I mean, I've still got my Falcon 56 from 1971 and it's still pretty sound.

Have all the other old modelers switched to CA? Should I stop wearing my bell bottom pants too?

Note to moderator: I put this question in the Vintage RC section because I'm looking for replies from other stubborn old timers like myself.