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Default RE: Is "Wood Glue" dead?

I too return to the hobby once I retired and I tried the new wonder glue, complete with finding out about the wicking properties of thin CA the hard way (:-). I think this would be an appropriate time to warn my fellow kit builders about CA glues. I am one of those lucky individuals who never seemed allergic to anything (even poison oak) HOWEVER when I started using CA glues I allowed myself to get a few doses of the fumes in my eyes and nose. I can no longer get near the CA without a pretty good allergic reaction that mimics asthma. It got severe enough that I had to visit a doctor (something I rarely do).

I loved using thin CA for its ability to "spot weld" parts then return with glue later on however those days have come to an end. So if you use the stuff keep my experiences in mind and try to avoid contact with the stuff. Fumes or direct.

I'd re-introduce yourself to Titebond and Ambroid.