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Default RE: Is "Wood Glue" dead?

For what it's worth when I got back into this hobby after 20+ years off, I went and got me a large bottle (7.65 fl oz) of Elmers Glue-All and some Devcon 5 min. epoxy. Never had a joint failure before, and don't expect to now. My friend said I was too "old-fashioned" & needed to try the CA's. I did, and still like the old stuff better. You may think that at least the joint where the main wings come togeather needs epoxy, but with a good fit, it does not! Elmers Glue-All will "get-r-done" tho it doesn't sand worth a hoot. I would never trust a CA in this critical area tho. If Elmers won't hold it, Devcon sure will, and the fumes don't make my head hurt!
For me, building is a labor of love, and like was said, I ain't in that big of a hurry. Still have a 25 year old 8# .60 powered bipe with over 200 flights hanging here built with Elmers, and it's still tight as a drum.

edit-Happy to see that so many others of you still like the old stuff too!