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Default RE: How to?: Homemade floats for a .40 size hobbico superstar

I'm sure the PVC thing would not work. It would be way too heavy and not near the correct shape. The step in the middle is actually a very important. If there was no step the plane could not brake the friction of the water and rotate on takeoff. Look around. I have seen free plans on the web before that are very basic and simple to build. There are the foam floats or balsa and ply built up floats, and a combination of both. I would think a light weight foam would be best if you went the foam route. It would then be strenghtened with braces and covered. I personally like the idea of balsa and ply built up then cover with resin to seal. Maybe even some fiberglass cloth for added strenght. Remember those floats will take alot of beating during takeoff and landings and have to be strong but light. Looking for a set of proven plans would have the best possibility for success. Then of course there are the ones you can buy that are already made up. Just my nickels worth (inflation).