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Can anyone tell me which type of Glow Plug i should use for my GST7.7 - i have burnt the original CEN Plug - after properly running it in.
It runs a dream and is very fast - ticks over great and will run a full tank without overheating or stalling - however i recently bought Model Technics F7 CHR HOT because i ran out of plugs and this is all that they had. This is the hottest plug Model Technics make and they burn out after one tank. it still runs great but sometimes stalls and takes forever to re-start - not sure if its getting too hot or if the plug is burning too much.

Does anyone know what type of heat rating the Cen Glow Plug is that was sent with the Truck - so i can get the equivalent in a Model Technics Firepower Plug - as these are readily available in my local shop and are cheap