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Default RE: 69" QQ Yak-54

You are correct about that... It is a can or worms ready to be opend (as far as the engien preferences)
And the part about the best pilot thing was merly a generlization... Please know that I do not want to go out and upset someone...
In all reality this not the Funtana 100x, but the weight and size of this plane is almost identicle to it.... I just wanted to possibly save people some frustration when setting up there plane...
There are many variences in the wood, glue ect between manufactures ect .... So hey, this is a totally different plane right?

Idealy I hope the OS 1.20 AX 2-stroke works perfect for this aircraft! It is a half the price of a Saito 180 and no one wants to inverst more in something than nessecary....
I was dissapointed in the motor performance of the 1.20AX in funtana100X I realy wished that My setup had a possitive outcome... I wracked my brain trying to figure out why some liked it and I didn't! I tried many diffent props pitch, manufact., and even tried going up the 30% nitro to get some 500rpm's more out of the engine and still no go! I also broke the engine in to exact specks in the MAN article on how to do it.... I also checked my rpms to what others were geting out of this engine and mine were right on with what others were getting out of os 1.20 AX so I know that it was not a bum engine or prop ect....So it was a very educated and researched comment.... This is why I thought that I had some hard facts to back up my prior statement! I was not pulling this out of the air!

Who knows? I could have had just a very heavy plane! I never weighted it ready to fly! IT is very possible that I had some crapy balsa, or plywood (which is what all the light planes are mainly composed of now, very little balsa) and that is why it didn't have much pulll out?

Also, the plane in the video is a prototype QQ 69" Yak 54 right? Are they not hand selected wood when these are made? usually much lighter that what will come out of the China factory? So it is plausible that this protype will fly much better than the ones that come out of the factory because the wood is not hand selected!?
This was a big upset with the Lanier 87" Yak... WIth claims of a 16.5-17.5 Flying wieght when the actuall weight was up in the 20+ pound range....

I think that my experience cannot be transposed to this plane.... QQ has fantastic aircrfts and He himself has said that this plane is one of his fav's!!
He will take this plane out and practice his routines with this one before he takes out the 100" or the not so small 120" So You can expect this plane to bring in the performance that he has talked about.....

Hey, perhaps QQ would send my out one of these to test out and then he could make me a believer out of me? I would then give a very Un-bias test result about this plane!!
Now that would be putting the money where the mouth is !! (JK)

You have good insight though, and I guess I went over the top... as this is a QQ support furom... Not a build forum.... I forgot this..
I do look forward to the testing of this plane... I hope that everyone loves the plaen as much as QQ... He must be quite excited with all of his recent Yaks that have come out recently..... I envy him and all that work with him... He has a dream job and that we should all be lucky enough to have at least for one day out of our lives!


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