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Default RE: 69" QQ Yak-54

I just looked at the exteneded video of the 69" on RCAviator.com and the OS 120 AX and it looked to be a good match...
There was even a part where you pulled out very nicely out of a hover...
It appears to be a great flying plane...
I can undeerstand why QQ likes to play around with that one... Light and nimble...

Also I read some previoous plost that the 120AX had given you a slight nose heavy setup....\
I had not read this prior to prev statements about a 180 Saito.... being a good choice
I am sure that some may beable to correct this with a servo located in the back for a rudder instead of the pull-pull.
Weight is weight though, and this may change the good flying setup that the stock gives you.... Center location of the weight..

If the 1.20 AX would give me the same flying plane that you had in the videos, I am sold..
Heck, a tunded pipe and header would even out the weight dispersion in giving a less nose heavy plane and be just right, with a few 500rpms!... But perhaps you didn't even need them...

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