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Default RE: 69" QQ Yak-54

Hi M.t.p:

OS 1.60 is not an option! I think OS 1.20AX or YS 1.10 is plenty of power.

Hi Justin,

You don't need a tuned pipe. Also I'd like to make a comment about wood selection. OEM doesn not really hand select the wood to build the Prototypes for us. I really doubt that you can find even 1/2 lbs difference weighing 50-100 of these out of the box. It's a small plane and really light mostly because of the way it was designed and constructed.

If you watched the videos on my website and you liked the power, keep in mind those videos were with a brand new engine. I truly like the power NOW. It almost rockets out of hover.

Balance is fine without spinner. I am using a 2 cell Li-Ion battery. If you use regular NIMH, most likely you will have a more tail heavy model but after getting 30 flights or so I think I like the balance where it is.

Thank you,
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