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Default RE: 9CAP forgets trainer settings

I do have a 9caps. You are in an area I havent played with yet.

If you have two 9c's, could you switch the Cpac's between them to rule out a failure in that. I also seem to remember that you needed to be in ppm mode on the slave box. I'll have to look that up. Humm One of the guys at the field is going 2.4 and he has a 9cap. Maybe I could talk him out of his and see how the lashup works for me. I'll see him Friday. I would like a second transmitter anyway. I've crashed everything else, and had a backup so I could keep flying. I fear the day the TX goes out.

What in the world are you flying?? Got a photo?


PS did you get that hail storm a few days back?? I'm orginally from Flint and my sister was telling about it. Sure miss those storms.