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Good Grief! I just received the Revolver (not a single wrinkle) and have started working on it. The quality appears very high. My problem is the I just read pilotpete2 and his comments about muffler pressure. I dutifully ordered a bison pitts muffler, and it never dawned on me that this could give complications with the amount of pressure, and experimenting with closing one outlet etc. It is going on a TT pro 46. Please assure me that the engine will run fine without tinkering with it, or if it requires something, am open for suggestions. I have built some qicker to assemble ARF's, but none that seems to have this quality. Every part fits, looks great, good hardware (I'm using all of it). Am anxiously awaiting flight reports. While mine is not far from completion, other things have come up so won't fly for at least two more weeks. can't wait.