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Default servo: oz/in to pounds

You can do the math, 16ozs. to a pound. 173 / 16 = 10.8lbs.

The thing is these ratings are for torque which is defined as a twisting FORCE. The specific rating is based upon a known lifting FORCE at a given distance (inches). So this means that a servo rated at 173oz-in of torque will do so at 1" from center. If you change the arm length the TORQUE remains constant but the FORCE changes with the arm length.

Force x Distance = Torque

173 ozs of FORCE x 1 inch length = 173oz-in of TORQUE.

173oz-in / 1.5" arm = 115.33ozs. FORCE

173oz-in / .5 arm = 346 ozs. of FORCE