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Default RE: Showtime 50 anyone?

Just got the ST50 two weeks ago and dropped a O.S. 46 AX that I had sitting around in her. I had a 11 x 6 prop and took her out for a maiden. She flew ok and was on th emoney as far as trims go. I was afraid that the AX was not going to cut it. It flew but did not own the sky. I borught it home and thought darn did I make a mistake. I then changed to a 12 x 4 prop and took her back out. She became a he very quick. The 46 AX is more than enough engine. I can fly all the pattern stuff at half throttle and pull the plane vertical with no problem. Hovers at about half throttle. All that added weight of bigger engines add weight to the plane while this little 46 AX just pulls the ST 50 just fine.
I have flown without the SFG at this point. Was thinking about putting them on for a test.....anyone else have experience with them????