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I'm a 100% Newbi who would like to get into RC plane flying. I bought a cheap foam Power Air Surfer Sky Woolf plane at walmart to learn the basics but that plane just sucks. It has trouble flying even in a low breeze. It is able to climb up to the tree tops in a strait line but because it only has elevators for control the plane drops as a stone when i attempt any turns. It will loose all of its altitude after turning just 90 degrees. In fact, the joystick only has one thumb stick that lets you controll eirther pitch or roll, but not both at the same time. I would now like to learn what plane would you recommend getting to learn how to fly. Preferably it should be easy to maintain and fly while not costing more than $100. The plane should also be durable. I also saw a couple of google videos of planes that have web cameras in them giving you a feeling that you are flying a real plane. I would love to have one of those. I also dont really know anyone who flies these so i will have to learn everything by myself. Because i'm in college and dont have my own car i will not be able to join any RC Plane Clubs. Preferably this plane should fly for over 15 minutes or have cheap spare batteries or quickly charging batteries. Any suggestions?

PS: I have posted this question in another section of these forums but i dont think that was the right section. I think electric RC planes and not nitro is what i'm looking for.