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I would now like to learn what plane would you recommend getting to learn how to fly. Preferably it should be easy to maintain and fly while not costing more than $100. The plane should also be durable. I also saw a couple of google videos of planes that have web cameras in them giving you a feeling that you are flying a real plane. I would love to have one of those. I also dont really know anyone who flies these so i will have to learn everything by myself.
Hi Kul,

I don't know whether it is doable for less than $100, but it sounds to me like you need an easystar from Multiplex. Easy to fly (one of the most highly recommended trainers), very robust (only breaks under extreme provocation and then easily repairable), Low maintenance (well most electrics are), and also is able to carry a massive (for an RC electric plane) payload. Lots of people use these as camera platforms precisely because they are easy stable flyers that you can strap 200 or 300 grams to without seeming to affect the flight profile at all.