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Default H9 Titanium Pro Links???

I recently picked up a pull-pull adjustable link set up from SWB manufacturing. The kit includes 2 4-40 ball links, 2 white threaded nylon ends where the cable loops thru and 2 1.5 inch H9 titanium pro links. On both of the H9 links, one end will simply NOT thread into any of the 4-40 items I have, Kwik links, nuts, ball links, nothing. BOTH of the H9 links are like this. The other end of the H9 links thread into everything I have without so much as a flinch.
So I went to my pushrod supply, picked out a pack of new 2" H9 titanuim pro links, opened the package, and tried on. SAME RESULT. One end will simply not start threading into anything I have.

What gives????