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Default Remote glow driver help

Originally posted by smchale
not sure if i am explaining it very well. my flight box has a +'ve and a -'ve jack. into that goes red and black bananna plugs from aligator clips...i also have one made up that goes into a spring loaded glow plug attachment, and a third clip made up for 1/2a glow heads. anyways, on the a/c I have one wire going from the glow plug to the outside of the a/c, and another going from a bolt holding the engine to the mount to the outside of the a/c. the glow goes to the positive aligator clip and the ground goes to the negative alagator clip.
OK, that's pretty much what I was trying to say as well. From your last post I thought you were saying you could hook up the positive to some bolt on the engine and the negative to another bolt on the engine and it would all work. Obviously that wouldn't work which is why I asked.