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Default RE: Showtime 50 anyone?

Hello All,

I have read good things on the Showtime 4D and want nothing else + it really looks great.
I am buying my first 3D plane.

I have a Magnum XL Series 91RFS 4-Stroke and was thinking of the Showtime 4D 90. I read it was underpower for 3D.

1) Now I have to consider the Showtime 4D 50. Will the Magnum be too much at 22.4oz of weight? (see specs below)

2) If not, should I anticipate any problem?



SPECS: Bore: 27.7mm
Stroke: 24.8mm
Displacement: .91 cu in
Practical rpm: 2,000-11,000
Normal rpm: 9,500-9,600
Weight: 22.4oz
Prop Nut Size: 5/16-24
Length: 91.5mm - 3.60" (from backplate to front of drive washer)
Length: 120mm - 4-11/16" (from backplate to front of crankshaft)
Height: 121mm - 4.76" (from bottom of engine to top of head)
Width: 52mm - 2-1/32" (mounting hole centers-side to side)
Width: 25mm - 15/16" (mounting hole centers-front to rear)
Width: 42.6mm - 1.68" (crankcase width neglecting mounting flanges)
Recommended Prop Size: 13x8, 14x6