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Default Lucybelle or Lulubelle?

I know this has been asked before, but does anyone have the definitive answer or references?

Here is a snippet from a website I found that leans one way:

On November 26, at Turtle Bay on Espiritu Santu, Boyington posed in the cockpit of plane #86, decorated with 20 little Rising Sun flags, and painted Lu**belle.

The bystander's arm obscures two letters of the word, which was either Lucybelle or Lulubelle.

At the time, Boyington was involved with Mrs. Lucy Malcolmson, and Frank Walton recalled the name on the plane as Lucybelle. Makes sense, at the time. But after their messy break-up, Lucy kept $15,000 of Boyington's money that he had entrusted to her.

In later years, Pappy stated that the name on the plane was Lulubelle. As Bruce Gamble put it, "He had about fifteen thousand reasons to forget Lucy, each one worth a dollar."