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Default RE: Showtime 50 anyone?

ORIGINAL: rmazuera

According to some info I read on YS CLUB forum, the YS91 will consume 1.1 oz/min. I replaced the 11 oz tank with a 10 oz on CG and a 6 oz up front. It looks like I overdid it. I'm flying around 13 minutes and when I land, the 6 oz is still full. Thinking or replacing it with a 2 or 4 oz. Check picture. The plane flies great. I mounted my engine inverted.
Rmazuera and RodanAZ,

1) I know both of you changed the fuel tank. How is the tubing connection made? Never done this before. What size tanks did you guys end up using.
Let's assume big tank over CG is Tank #1 and smaller one behind firewall is #2

Is it:
- #1 to engine carb and pressure to fuel input of #2
- #2 pressure to exhaust
- fill both via #1 ?

2) How did you mount the second tank (have not received my ST50 yet)? The picture you posted was not too clear.
I am planning on using 8oz (main) and 6oz (firewall); what do you think?

3) Did you balance the ST50 with tanks full of empty?

With the Magnum inverted, there might (will) be an issue with tank height and since your setup seems to work, I'll use it.