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Default RE: Lucybelle or Lulubelle?

It appears that Boyington never actually flew Corsair 18086 and the photo in question was purely a posed publicity shot. There are a few web links that may or may not be reliable that state that the plane was called "Lucybelle" but that Boyington later put it about that it was "Lulubelle" for the reasons already stated.

It is also stated that VMF214 did not assign individual aircraft - pilots simply flew what was available at the time. In fact, this was more common than is generally believed, in both the ETO and PTO. My uncle flew B-24s from England and I had the chance to correspond with the last surviving member of his crew who told me that although crews stayed together, it was quite rare for them to have a specific aircraft. The records from their unit confirm this.

I can't find anything to confirm the Boyington question further than this but the following link claims to be based on direct information. Judge for yourself.