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Default RE: Lucybelle or Lulubelle?

Thanks for the link. At the bottom it says:
*Major Boyington's famous Corsair #86 has been widely accepted as have been used for "publicity photos" only. It is not known if this aircraft was ever flown by anyone in combat or if it was sent to a forward area at all - The 20 victory "flags" displayed on #86 were applied "slapdash" and they vary in size, position, attitude and alignment. What has come to light recently is that Boyington had given #86 the temporary name of "Lucybelle" not "Lulubelle"as it has been accepted. Boyington later gave this false information, regarding "Lulubelle", himself as he refused to acknowledge a certain "Lucy"...

Many thanks to Bruce Gamble, author of "The Black Sheep: The Definitive Account of Marine Fighting Squaron 214 in World War II" for his valuable concern and assistance in compiling this entry for "Pappy" Boyington."

I haven't yet read the book because I have many others that I am reading but I am looking forward to reading it.