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Default RE: Showtime 50 anyone?

Woo hoo! Ran two tanks (nice and rich, naturally...) through the freshly rebuilt YS this morning on the ground, and it runs GREAT!

Crossing my fingers for a maiden on Saturday...

I ran mine with a 6oz tank up front, and an 8oz over the CG. I mounted the rear tank on top of the factory radio tray, as all my radio gear is further back.

The carb line goes to the clunk (I did use one) in the front tank, the front tank vent goes to the rear tank clunk, and the rear tank vent goes to the pressure line on the YS. I'm also using a filler valve, but you get the idea. Not sure about your motor height, as noted, with the YS that's not an issue. I balanced mine empty as well. I figure a big advantage of this setup is that it will go a little more nose heavy as the fuel empties out, taming things a bit for landings...