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ORIGINAL: musclecar64

spazzyfry123 said:
Last I heard, he was in Massachusetts somewhere. I had other people calling me telling me there was some type of accident and he was put in the hospital or something like that. I'm sorry that something happened, but it still doesn't change the fact that I am about a grand out. I stayed in contact with them for quite some time and I gradually just lost touch with them...Could never get in touch with anyone. That's when I got the FBI involved and all that jazz...Still nothing. But anyway, I live in North Carolina now. I come back to Georgia quite often, however. It's been a while since I've been down towards Macon though.
OH MY GOD! This is creepy...
When I tried to trade my fully loaded brushless rc18b for a rustler with another member, (soon after I had shipped the 18B) He did not respond for a while, and eventually his girlfriend responded saying that he was in the hospital because he had just been in a bad car accident. I thought that something was up, so I quickly contacted UPS and had them turn it around and send it back to me, and I got my car back. I told him that I didn't want to trade after all, he said he understood, and I moved on. My horror story has a happy ending, but I'm sorry that yours doesn't. That really sucks. What really got my attention is that your situation sounds a lot like mine.

That is weird man..Mine was the same way. We agreed on a trade, but everything got screwed over with UPS and all that and it was too late. Luckily you got yours back...Mine on the other hand was not so fortunate. I responded back to your PM about this...I would like to keep in touch with you considering my situation was exactly like this (girlfriend finally contacted me telling me he got in a bad car accident). I don't know how to go check out previous transactions. Maybe a moderator on here can compare IP addresses between the guy that screwed me over and the guy that almost screwed this guy over? I would like my TMAXX back, and I would also like to prevent future people getting screwed by this guy...[:@]