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Default Carbon Fiber Hazard

this is an excerpt from the msds from above:

Graphite causes benign pneumoconiosis (graphitosis). Symptoms of
pneumoconiosis from graphite exposure are dypsnea, coughing, black sputum,
bronchitis, ventricular hypertropy and impairment of pulmonary function.
X-rays will show progressive nodulation of the lungs. The theshold limit
value was set in conformity with the limit for free crystalline silica,
which may be present in graphite.

Strong oxidizers,fluorine, peroxides

Route of entry: Inhalation, Skin or eye contact.
Target organs: Lungs, Cardiovascular system.

Coughing, forceful expiration. Dyspnea, difficulty in breathing.
Black sputum, black colored expectorate. Bronchitis, inflamed bronchial
mucous membranes, pulmonary fibrosis, fibrous tissue involving lungs.
Pneumoconiosis, degenerative respiratory disease.

It doesn't mention anything about lymphoma(cancer in the lymph)
but i am sure that it would cause similar effects as asbestos if inhaled. A general rule of thumb is to put on a resperator mask whenever sanding composite/glass material. The lymphoma bit, the fibres would have to be diffused through the alveloi into your blood, pumped through your body until the blood drops off the oxygen and h20 at whcih point they would then have to diffuse through tissues and then get dumped into the lymph fluid where it could maye do some damage. I don't think the carbon caused the lymphoma.