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Default RE: Another Ride...

I guess I'll just keep posting about my misfortune (stolen T-MAXX) in here. I seem to be getting more of a response in this thread than I did two years ago when I was heavily trying to in touch with the people here on RCU.

Here is the original classified placed:

And here is a thread that goes into more detail about what happened:

One thing I noticed is this...When the transaction took place, his user name was Driver3 I think. Now when you go to the first link I provided ^^ his user name is "good bizz".

I know it is over two years after it happened, but I still believe I should be provided with either my truck, the car he promised, or some type of cash reimbursment from Driver3 (or good bizz or whatever he is now...). If there are any moderators on here, please try and help me in some way.