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ORIGINAL: AWorrest What duration of an input pulse should the HS-85BB+ servo be able to accept? I was replacing the gears in two HS-85BB+ servos and testing them before closing them up. One servo was able to accept a 2.3ms pulse (the max the tester could generate) with no problem. The other at 2.21ms started to oscillate as though it came to the end of the pot conductivity. At this duration it had not yet come close to the physical stop. The 2.21ms duration pulse is longer than my transmitter is capable of generating (2.1 ms). Still I wonder if this servo is getting close to being unacceptable. Thanks, Allan Worrest
Figures quoted are above design specs for most servo.
HS-85BB+ and HS-85MG+ =
Control system: + Pulse width control 1500usec NEUTRAL
Operating angle: 40 degrees One side pulse travelling 400usec
HS-85BB+ - HS-85MG+ Specification Data Sheet.
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