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Default RE: Finding your place in the hobby

Been in the hobby nearly 30 years. In that time I have done a little of everything, from formation flying ,to twins, to gliders, STOL, speed planes, dog fighting, pattern, aerobatics, figure 8 races to just cruising around. But lately, say the last 7 years ,I have fallen victim to scale. I generally keep a diverse fleet of airplanes. I don't like to fly two similar planes in a row. One day, its a little Cap232, the next day an Ercoupe. Twins will certainly liven up the fleet. I think its very important to have a diverse fleet and keep things shaken up and feeling fresh. I might ARF the aerobats or twins. But I'll spend untold hours building those scale ships. The more rare they are, the better I like them. The Walter Mitty factor is off the scale, (no pun intended). I think its sad that I see so few scale ships at the field. When I started in the 70's, scale was king, top of the food chain. It was everyone's hope to one day build and fly great scale airplanes. Well, now you don't need to build them, ( unless you want to), but I still see so very few of them. Where I fly, there might be a dozen of those huge aerobatic ARFs with 150cc engines on them. I wish that worked for me. Life would be so much easier. But they just don't do a thing for me. I would much rather see giant Bearcats and Navajos. I'm just a dinosaur waiting for the cloud of ash to burry me. I am lucky in one regaurd, I love to do touch and goes. I can do them all day. So, I don't really need an aerobat for that, I can do t-n-g's with a scale ship

Short answer: Your interest and specialty with change periodically until it hits scale.