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Default RE: Finding your place in the hobby

ORIGINAL: jetmech05

I wanted to teach..knew it from the first time I could keep from over flying the pits,, about the third lesson.
I don't charge except for asking my student to teach another.
Great rule.

I had an awesome instructor. Hope to pass what I learned on to a buddy some day.

Not sure what place I have in this hobby... think it'll keep changing. Wherever you go, there you are.

I think I enjoy building as much as I do flying. Think they jive off each other. My friend asked me why I am building another plane while I have six in my hangar. I like to build and fly what I build. It's that simple. Gonna dig up some of those pics of 50 plane hangars and send them his way.

This is a great hobby. I like the exposure you get as well when kit building. The woodcrafting techniques. Finishing. Latest I am pondering is vacuum forming to fabricate some cowls. All neat stuff I hope to share with my soon to be born son some day. (Sept 19th!)