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Default RE: Finding your place in the hobby


I started out building and flying scale civilian planes after my first build which was a trainer back in 1983, a Freedom 20. I started back in the hobby about 2 1/2 years ago. Now I have everything from 55" to ten foot wingspan planes. I just decided one day that I was done building scale Civilian aircraft and switched to WWII Warbirds. I'm building a Top Flite 1/8 scale F4U-1D Corsair right now. When I'm done with that I will try my hands at building off plans. I have a set of plans from Don Smith for a 1/4 scale F4U-1D Corsair that is waiting for me to finish my 1/8 scale Corsair. The kit is cut and everything but the Seirra retracts are purchased. I have only been back building for 2 1/2 years and have built 12 planes. Most are 80" and above. When I build a scale airplane I get a lot of enjoyment out of making modifications so the finished plane looks just like the real thing. So I guess I knew that I wanted to build and fly since 1983 but had to stop for many years because of my business and family. Now I'm semi retired and am back at it. It took 2 years to decide to change from Civilian to Military aircraft. Some of my builds take a long time. The 1/8 scale I've been building for about 6 months and have another 6 months to go. The 1/4 scale Corsair will probably take 2 to 3 years to complete. I also love to fly 3D so I buy ARF's for that.

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