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Default New Builder /Input on Kit and buying framing materials

My wife gave me a Goldberg Anniversary Cub kit for our anniversary (Cute ,huh?) She said if thats not what I want to build my Cub from I can swap it for another kit. I've been eyeing this one, the hanger 9 and the Sig or ????. My Gramps had and flew a J-3 when I was a kid, so I'm another Yellow fiend. Anyway, kit Cubby wise, What do you guys think?
My other question is whats the best way to buy stock for a scratch built? Work out a cut sheet or is there a basic rule of thumb as to what should be on hand in the shop? And last but not least (for now) where to buy, is the internet the way to go? I live out in the bushes so dont want to have to be running to town a bunch for sticks.
Thanks for the ideas,