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You can use a soldering iron on the outside of the blind nut to heat it up. This will break down the expoy and allow you to press the nut out. One of them has a former behind it, so you will not be able to get it out.

It's also a good idea to get some epoxy in around the landing gear mount area. I did this and the plane had a rough landing after throwing a prop that I think might have damaged it if I hadn't beefed it up.

I've got almost two gallons through mine now, and I really like this plane! It's definitely more pattern than 3D, but I like it! Once I finish off my second gallon, I'll start experimenting with props to find the ideal setup for my altitude and flying....

1) Thank you very much for the hint.

2) I heard that landing gear in the ST is a weak point. I was thinking about either:

a) replacing the blots with larger ones like RMazuera suggested 1/4-20 (now that I know how to remove a blind nut [8D]
b) Expoxy the entire gear on the fuse along with the existing "miniature" bolts
c) just add an extra nut in the center of these two existing nuts.
d) or just lock the bolts with glue in the nuts

Which is the best?

3) I really need to lower the tank for the Magnum (inverted). I will use a 4oz cylindrical Sullivan in front. Do you think I can cut through the actual support for the tank to mount the tank lower? Is that part critical for the structure of the plane? I have used a pic posted by RMazuera to show the part I need to remove.



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