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The two most recommend second planes for a .40-sized engine are the Goldberg Tiger 2 and the Sig Four Star 40. Tower Hobbies carries both. Tower also carries the Phoenix Models Dolphin .40 ARF, which appears to be a very close knock-off of the Four Star .40 and is sold for only $99.99. The Tower Hobbies Voyager .40 ARF is also similiar in styling and capabilities to the other above mentioned ARFs, and should also be a fun second plane to fly.

The bottom line is that there are a wide array of good choices for a second aircraft out there. The Sig Four Star is certainly at the top of that list and you should have a lot of fun with yours if you choose to buy one.

I have the Phoenix Dolphin and I love it, the fellows at the field say it is almost a direct knockoff of the four* (different canopy, vertical stab,landing gear)
the only thing that I changed was the motor mount as it is to narrow to properly mount a 46 size motor and it flexes to much for me anyways I also changed the foam wheels for some rubber ones I had laying around.
I replaced it with a hanger 9 metal adjustable mount and all is well now

another fellow at our field has the Kyosho Calmato sport it is a tiger2 knockoff (and a fine plane)