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Default flying wires & interference

Thanks, Bish. My set-up is such that I won't have a loop as you describe. I will however have wires on the top of the wing, and wires on the bottom of the wing. However, the top and bottom sets will not be directly connected to each other.

The wing-end of each wire is connected to a cable anchor that is fastened with a wood screw to gussets in the wing structure. In other words, the wood of the wing separates the top and bottom wire sets.

The lengths of the wires vary, but the longest will be about 30 inches from the kingpost out to the wing tip. There are sixteen wires in total (including top and bottom) and that just seems like a lot of metal in between my transmitter on the ground and the reciever antennae!

I should just bite the bullet and buy some kevlar cable. I wish I had been this paranoid before I bought the metal wire, though! Oh well, live and learn.

Any watch-outs in regards to kevlar? Whatever I end up with, I do want the rigging to be structurally functional.