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Default RE: How well did your YS run after sending it in for service?

Let's move these discussions to a new thread.

Patrick, On your 140FZ, the regulator is not closing...the question is why is it not closing...Could be dirt or debris in it. It could be that the regulator is just too rich, and that is why its not closing. Another option is when you replaced the head gasket you pinched the o-rings on the intake tube or the pushrod tube o-rings are not seated properly or are cut from a misalignment. Any of these things could result in your problem. An air leak in the system could screw up the pressure differentials and cause the regulator to not be closing. Especially when the engine shuts down.

But lets take it to new thread, makes it easier to handle the responses and it doesn't have anything to do with the topic above.


the both versions of the 63 have a special head/liner combo. The sleeve is part of the entire head assembly. So it can be a bit expensive to buy a new sleeve and lots of work as the the valves, and all need to be transfered over. The piston ring is an easy one....even a piston or the rod is easy but the sleeve or cylinder gets expensive its almost half the price of a new engine. So I would let YS Parts and Service do this work for you. I don't think it means your engine is scrap and buy a new one...but it could be a more pricey thing. As for the sod farm and the dirt field. The dirt is the problem one....even with an air filter. This will eat the heck out of a piston and sleeve.

If the sleeve is not scratched too bad....then a new ring can likely bring it back....I would send it in just to make sure its gone through well. Another issue with the dirt field is the bearings....they are likely in need of changing. If you run on a dirty field like you are doing the money for bearing will keep your motor alive believe me....If you have a bearing come apart it will shell out an engine and then it will be just a paper weight.... Again lets take this conversation to a new thread as well.