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Default RE: Let's try again DL-50


Just call me clueless! I am looking at a prop for an ultra-light to load the engine a bit more. I'm sure everyone means well but c'mon guys, get a grip! Hey Sewerdude!!! Great to see ya here buddy! How's everything going?? No more twisters I hope. As you can see my sense of humor hasn't changed between threads. Did you buy one of these great engines??
Hey Al,
Yeap, I've got a DL 50 in the box waiting for a plane. Looks like it will be for a "winter build " plane . As the flyin days here in the midwest are slowly disappearing. Plus, deer season started! I'm not sure what plane it will be put in. I put another DA in my AW Extra 260, nice flyer to! What did your SD Extra come out weight wise with the DL and what kind of rpms are you getting with the Vess 23? I'm leaning towards a SD Yak or maybe the Wildhare SU 26