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Al Lewis
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Default RE: Let's try again DL-50

For those of you that don't know BubbaGates (Bill James) he is a key element in this sport. Bill grew up in PA building dragsters with his Dad and racing at one of my old hangouts York Drag-a-way. Bill later flew with the Flying Circus out of Florida where he flew aerobatics in the Super Stearman and Cap 232 (the full scale version). He received his training in the CAP from Mike Goullain. Recently Bill was grounded due to minor health issues which gave him more time to devote to this sport where he is an outstanding pilot and competitor and a judge but, most importantly, an outstanding mentor to the young people in this sport. Sadly, Bill lost his Dad earlier this year but has come back to support and mentor an outstanding young pilot named Vinnie Musser (aka Whaturi). For those of you that haven't seen Vinnie's videos you should take a look at this link. This is not a gasser but a OS 160 glow engine. http://www.hiddenhangarrc.com/video/...vincentcap.wmv Bill, and those among you like him, guarantee the future of this sport. You are the foundation it is built upon and your mentoring of our young pilots will provide for even greater and more exciting maneuvers in the future. Inexpensive engines like the DL, 3MM, Brillelli, and BCMA will guarantee that they can afford to compete and that makes them VERY important to this sport. You may be in this for the thrills or the occassional weekend, or be a serious competitor but, whatever else you are, be someone like Bill James that looks around the field and says, Hey that kid's good, he might need a hand. Make a difference! Make a future champion! You'll be a better person for it and we will leave the sport that much better then we found it. I apoligize for the off-subject material.

Al Lewis

P.S. Bill will probably kill me for telling you guys this.