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Default RE: Let's try again DL-50

I have a DA-50, i have not put mine on the tack yet and i have been great about not saying anything about my da as this is a dl-50 site, but why is it that Sewerdude just said that with the dl turnning up them numbers the da-50 could never match them, i have never put the DL down, i want to know why you compare everything to the DA engine and bah it when no one is saying anything bad about the dl engine, the guy that could not start his dl engine, i never said anything, another says my da is off to be adjusted but my dl runs great, why not pick on some other engine, you guys are a great bunch of guys and if anyone say da you say this is a dl site, why put any engine down, i like the dl engine and its price and performance, but i also love my engine also and it kind of hurts to hear some of you bashing it every chance you have, it is a great site but cant we be nice about other engines also. Rollie