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Default RE: Let's try again DL-50

ORIGINAL: exeter_acres

I love companies that pay in meager rice, lock there employees in for weeks at a time,,, and flood the market with copies of quality stuff....

Really, I do


Oh, like the New York City garment industry of not long ago? <G>

Like it or not, we are competing with the Chinese. Of course, my idea of competing with the Chinese is to see if I can sell more of their goods to others than the Chinese can produce. I don't even consider competing against them when it comes to manufacturing. After the Chinese there will be the folks in India, then the folks in Bangladesh and then the folks in Middle East, after the oil runs out. Of course, there is Africa and South America, most of whose people will be up here in North America. Me, I'll probably be back in Germany or Ireland by then, if I'm not feeding the worms.

Life is too short to worry about thwarting the inevitable. In case no one has noticed, Vaudeville is still dead.

Now to get back to mounting my DL-50 in my GP Ultimate Biplane. Later.

Ed Cregger