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Default RE: Showtime 50 anyone?

I am using a Magnum 91 in my ST50 and just finished break in. I had to add 2oz to the nose to balance (very front of the cowling, don't know if I should have put them there). Since I am using a 2 tank system, I relocated the battery pack and the receiver servo right in front of the rudder servo.
I saw everyone had to add weight to the tail. I balanced and re-balanced and re-re-balanced. It really looks like these 2 oz belong to the nose.
If I had used an aluminum mount, I don't think I would have needed this extra weight. I am also using a plastic spinner with an aluminum back plate.
The Magnum 91 w/muffler weights about 22.5oz.
I think you will be fine with the Saito 100 since it has the same dimensions as the Saito 91 and is even 1.5oz ligther than my Magnum. I think most people in this thread installed their "bigger than recommended" engines inverted. Not much of the top of the engine is sticking out of the cowling (did not measure, but not even a cm).
Beautiful plane. Will know how it flies this weekend (hopefully).