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Default Need User's Advice on Sig Mini Plane Bipe

I have this kit coming and I've been reading various building posts and there seems to be varying opinions about various parts of the build......as always. Anyway....for those who have built and flown this plane, would you comment on:

1. I have an OS 46AX and an OS .52 FS. Which would you advise me to use? Some people think the .52 4s is too weak, but I'd really like to use it. I'm not looking for blistering performance but I don't want a dog either. What say ye?

2. Do I build the kit per the plans or do I mess with wing and stab incidence.

3. I read where one guy made his own N struts from plywood instead of making the complex struts in the kit....good idea?

4. Do I want to build in some right thrust? 2 degrees maybe? How about down thrust?

5. Apparently this plane ground loops pretty easy becomes its short coupled. Never had a plane that did this......whats the best technique for minimizing this on takeoff?

Do any of you have any other tips for this plane? As always, thanks in advance for your help!