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Default RE: Top Flite B-25 ARF (Tecnical, tips, suggestions)

ORIGINAL: danrc2

did you do any more testing on the props. before you said those graupner props where not the best choice. that it was between the apc 13x6 or the masterair screw 12x8. did you find out any more on the props??

Hi Dan.

I don't think I've done any more testing since that last post. To re cap, I think the APC 13 x 6 would probably be the best 2-blade and probably better than the Master Airscrew 12 x 8 3-blade, but if you insist on using a 3-blade, I think the Master Airscrew 12 x 8 is the best of the ones I've tested (between the MAS 12 x 6 and 12 x 8 3-blade and the Graupner 12 x 8 3-blade).

Put another way, going by my memory, I believe the APC 13 x 6 performs better than the MAS 12 x 8, but it's been a long time since I've flown the APC (on one of the prototype B-25s). To be certain, I would like to fly the MAS and the APC back-to-back, but I haven't yet. Going to be really windy tomorrow so I doubt I'll be flying. Maybe after work one day this week.

I'll let you know if I do more flying and have more info for you.