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Default RE: Top Flite B-25 ARF (Tecnical, tips, suggestions)

Hi normandouellette.

Thanks for all your additional tips on engines and props.

The gyro sounds like a super idea and I would never agrue against one, but we've designed the Top Flite B-25 so it will not suddenly react if one engine does quit. This isn't to say that a gyro wouldn't be of significant benefit, but if you have enough power you may fly the Top Flite B-25 around on one engine (as we have done during our extensive flight testing program with the O.S. .70 Surpass II). The flying section in the back of the manual goes into detail about this. I just have to say that with our model, it is NOT fatal during any phaise of flight if an engine does quit. We also don't recommend steering the plane around with the ailerons (in an engine-out scenario)--if you get into too much bank angle the plane may snap (roll). With our model, the ailerons should be used to keep the wings level while you "steer the model around" using the rudder(s).

Now that I think of it, maybe it would be best to connect the gyro to the roll axis (ailerons) instead of rudder. In our engine-our scenario, this would help you keep the wings level. Hmm, this will probably open up another can of worms!

Now, as for an engine quitting on takeoff...well that's a whole other ball game! [X(]