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Default Fuel draw engine failure

Just a quick question to see if I am on the right track. Last weekend, I decided to pull my trainer off of the shelf to fly. I hadn't flown it since last November and wanted to make sure the engine was ready for the season. I flew 2 flights and in both instances the engine quit at with about 1/2 of a tank of fuel left. In checking I found fuel all along the fuselage, and on the engine. BTW: I am flying an Avistar with an OS46FX. Anyway, I had previously cut a hatch into the bottom of the fuse and when I opened it up the tank had fuel residue all over it. I pulled the tank, checked the clunk to see if it was bent 180*, looked at the tank, and each tube for leaks. Found the plug to be easy to turn in the tank so I tightened it back up. I suspect that fuel was being pushed between the fuel tank opening and the plug in the front and when I reached 1/2 way, the fuel was more likely to run out this way rather than into the fuel line. (BTW the engine ran beautifully until 1/2 full.) Is it possible that this is my only problem? I plan to fly it again to check, but just wondered if I should look at something else in the meantime.